08 September, 2012


so much memories left right here

memory is one of the most valuable thing in my life
some might take it lightly
but i certainly dont
because i, i love my memories.

its something that only i have
its something that only i know
and ofcourse, He knows it too,
He knows everything. for me, memories are precious.

past is still pass 
will remain the same, it can never be change
though it has been a killer or it has been a wonderful experiences,
for i, shall not erase it.

people has been asking me
how come you still remember your past? it has been almost for 10 years now
how do you do that? your memories is good
i guess its a gift, and im surely thankful for it. 

you. you. you. and of course you! *pointing to my readers*
when you are reading this, i know that you are looking for something 
i know you want to read something that you want to read
just the same as how i want to read when im reading your writing.

i love my memories
but dont get me wrong
i dont live in my past
i always look forward

i know that,
i wont erase my memories
i dont even plan to create an eraser in my brain
because with this brain, with my memories brings the outcome of me. today.

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