11 May, 2011

what will i tell the world in my first post?

meet my bestest friend Hawa Mahirah Ghazali :)
! السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته 
good morning! afternoon! evening! night to all my readers all around the world :) 
الحمدلله, finally! there goes my first post!
i am pretty excited about this. you are too?! *LAME* 

what will i post for my 1st entry? 
why i create this blog? no.
how often do i have to go to the toilet? no.
what are my favorite drinks? no.
do i fart? no.
who i like and who i don't? no. 
I write about myself? cliche'~ NO

so this is my idea to have a "different" introduction for my blog!
instead of writing and most probably babbling about myself,
i asked a favor from my family,friends,relatives,love ones to tell me 

  1. what do they think of me?
  2. what do they sees in me?
  3. what do they know about me?

lucky number one! 
my bestest friend
since standard one(seven years old!)
we both go to the same primary school
(sekolah kebangsaan sri subang jaya)
then we go to the same secondary school
(sekolah menengah subang jaya)

this awesome city (Subang Jaya) has always be the ultimate place for our relationship.
thank you Subang Jaya ! we love you!

so this is what she wrote about her cute little best friend. HAHA!

there are some other things that she wrote which is too personal 
only this cute little girl can read it, so i can't post it here. HAHA!

Hawa is a friend that i treasure,
she'll never give up of giving me piece of mind,
she'll never give up by showing me His way,
i'm so thanked.

thank you very much Hawa,
for doing this favor,
those memories that we had i always remember,
and i pray that you will always be my best friend forever.
~ان شاء الله! الحمدلله! أمين

so that's it from my Beloved BFF.
who's next? lets find out! Later dolls! 
you know you love me, XOXO

!السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته