08 December, 2011

Give Me Everything Tonight

Pitbull ft. Neyo

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
hello my dear readers

today i'm going to reveal the truth behind the song title
"Give Me Everything Tonight"

i found out about this thing month ago

at that time, i was doing my work and online
in other words, "multitasking"
i put on head phone and played "give me everything tonight"
over and over again as that time i was crazy with that song
it was 10a.m.
and i was ALONE
i put the highest volume to the speaker of my headphone.

as i was "multitasking" and listening to the song.
i realize something, it was shocking, and was so scary

listen carefully to the 2nd verse(pitbull)in this song.
"Put it on my life, baby
I make you feel right, baby
Can't promise tomorrow
But, I promise tonight"
there's a voice singing "laillah" between those lines. laillah = no god. you have to play the song as loud as possible to listen to the voices.

this is insane.
once i've heard that
i played the particular part many times just to confirm it
just to make sure that i wasn't having ear hallucinating

i was in SURAU and i played that song.
Allah has showed be the TRUTH behind the song.
if i didnt play that song at that particular time
i might never realize the TRUTH behind it
forgive me Allah. and thank you Allah

my beloved brother and sister
please be extra careful to the songs that you listen to
they are getting closer
spread the love
May Allah always be with us


till then, you know you love me,

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته