11 July, 2011

i love CATS!

my late father is feeding my first two cat Cutie(cute+putih) and Cutam(cute+hitam) :)
السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته and hello to my fellow readers :)
alhamdulillah, we are still alive and awake
we still got the chance asking for forgiveness and to forgive
and to do what a heart desire <3

today, i am going to write about CATS!
cat happens to be the animal i love the most
they are adorable, they are so cute, they are huggable
and the list go on..

when i was a little(around 4-5 years old), we had this cat named bandofywtz, it's a unique name right? it's a combination of my family member's name, my mom made it, i can't even think how it goes. but that cat didn't even last for 24 hours, my eldest sister shouted because she's so scared of cats, and it ran away, and never came back T_T

then when i was in standard one, i pet this two cats named cutie and cutam. we found them near the the drain back of my house. at first, we heard them screaming and meowing and at that time it was raining. me and my sisters decided to take care of them. 

then they were so loved by my family, one day when i went back from my school, 
my mum said my cat cutie died, car accident.  i was devastated, i cried for the whole day and i look at his pictures and i said "iya sayang cutie, bukan tak sayang!" .jyeah, i was in standard one. whaddaya expect?! :D

but cutam is always our sweetheart, after around 7years later, cutam left us. maybe she doesn't want us to look at her dead body. i will cry my lungs out if i see her dead body. :'(

so these two(cutam & cutie)produces the next generations of my cats

Tyson, Marion, Ceduk, Chemong, Nemo, Wallaby, Beethoven, Ian and more. i can't remember. 
me with Marion, kakda with Cutam, abang with Cutam, ibu <3 with  Beethoven
YES! we all loves our cats!

my late father loves animal and cat is definitely at the top of the list.
but after almost 10 years, we can't bare to face with their death
so we decided to stop petting them :(

then last year, my mum went to this restaurant and saw this kitten, she felt pity for this little cat and decided to pet it, it was on Friday, so my mum named it Jumat (Jumaat) :)

and this is Jumat a year later
Jumat is one of the male cat that is very kind hearted, He never wants to fight with any male cats, he like to be friend with any cats. He so annoying when he was a little and very adorable when he grows up. HAHA! i love him. He is very understanding. HAHA! but it's true, i talk to him and he replied. love you umat! 

i love cat. i love animal. i'm against animals cruelty+violence! 
hee. that's all for today! :)
see ya in the next post! you know you love me. XOXO!

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته and goodbye! :)