27 May, 2011

Best Close Good Fun SUBANG JAYA

Best Close Good Fun
السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته people!!
my title for today
best? close? good? fun? subang jaya?
what can 'best' be related with 'close' or 'good' or 'fun' with 'Subang Jaya'?
this is my answer to the question 
"i can find all the good, best, close, fun friends in Subang Jaya!" 
like seriously, since i was a kid until now.
pretty cool isn't it? 
i am so thanked, الحمدلله!

the above picture are my close, best, good and fun friends
there are many more, but only these people are the one
who have extra time on replying to my so called "observation" *LOL*
thank you very much mickey! uleen! naj! man! for spending some of your precious time. hee~

the first testimonial came from mickey! (amirah aqilah)

to mickey my dear friend, i dont take it as simple, haha! 
i had goosebumps when i first read this, i mean, i don't recognize who you were writing about.
is it really me? :') awww. haha!
thank you very much mickey! you helped me realize and finding myself back :')
i can't wait to hang out and have a shopping time with you as we planned ;) 
you want to know mickey better? check her blog out! click here.

the second testimonial came from uleen(azureen)
to uleen my bestie, short yet complete!
i miss those days when we had so much fun
when we were always together and all problems seems nothing 
when everything seems possible
thank you uleen!
i miss and love you :')

the third testimonial came from naj!(najjua)

dear naj my fun fun fun friend! project! yup, this is it! 
haha! you are one of my fun friend, you are easy going
i never see you get mad, never, since kita sekolah rendah pun, tak pernah!
that is what i like the most about you
you never take things serious! 
you are the kind of friend that i love to laugh with
thank you najjua for your anticipation helping me doing this so called 'project'

the fourth testimonial came from man!(rahman)
kan baru lepak hari tu bro :))
rahman? we had so much memories, good one!
we have been through ups and downs together, goods and bads
i don't have to say much on him,
you know what we've been through, 
you know me very well kan?
and you know i know you very well jugak kan? 
we become bestie with such a short time, weird but true :)
this is the conclusion, you are my best man friend(the 'man' in the middle means lelaki,bukan nama kau tau) LOL!

i love you guys so damn much. hope to see you guys living a happy future life!

okay, you want to be on my blog? 
yes, you can
you'll be in my blog for the next post! i promise you. *LOL*
just wait, chill and relax . :)
till then, you know you love me, XOXO <3

!السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

24 May, 2011

Anak anak Maknona dan Pakcik Azmi ;)

captured on raya 2007

! السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته 
this is the story 
i did ask other family members of helping me out to give me testimonies
but only three persons are the ones who kindly replied 
and those are 
:::drum rolls please:::
maknona's and pakcik azmi's daughters! 

testimony from kak hur!

:') you know me well kakhur.
i'm speechless
i adored
your passion, your strength, your will, your everything!
and i am so touched by your words. thank you kakhur <3
she did well on her blog too!check her blog out! cogitation :D

testimony from rommanah!                              
simple yet true :)
rommanah is currently studying in Medan Indonesia
we were both born on the same year 1991
1991-ians rocks! ^^
thank you rommy! miss you so much!

testimony from najah!

haha! this is the funniest! 
what can i say about this?
i know! 
ro ro ro manah
na na na najah
mary mary mary mary mary mary'a
haha! my most talented and creative cousin! 
keep it up najah, kak mariah is so proud of you! :D

this is the 2nd testimonies from najah, she wants to re-do it. after seeing the her 1st.*LOL* tadaaa~
thank you very much najah! thats so sweet of you. wink wink! ;)

unfortunately no testimony from sumaiyah as she is busy with her studies. :)
go susu! do the best! be the best! follow your sister's footsteps! 

captured on raya 2009
spot the difference between 2007 and 2009? hehe! 
that's it from my beloved cousins. 
who's next? till then
you know you love me XOXO

! السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته