02 January, 2013

"I thanked the Lord that i got you"

do you remember the time when we always did something similar to this one?
i was a little kid, but i still remember each and every of our bonding time.
i was a little child, but i managed to memorize songs (though i didnt really understand the lyrics. at that time)
its incredible how i'm that attached with each and every one of you.

i learnt so much from you guys.
from how to use the right technique to shout (kaklong) to how to play better in badminton (abang) to how to dance traditional dance/funny dance/ghost (akak) to how to sing(kakda) to how to cared for animals(abayat) to how to ride a bicycle (kakwa).

we have our tradition.
lets preserve it.
we are unique.
lets stay unique.

i am thankful. i am thankful to have you guys.
thankful to have my two brothers and four sisters.
i am thankful to have each one of you to be my siblings in my life.

you people are important to me.
i know sometimes i can be such a pain in the *ss
i didn't really mean to hurt anyone
please. be my role model(s). guide me.

i dont ask much
but i'm asking you guys to look forward to me
i need attention especially from my own siblings
pour me love.

Ibu is the most precious thing in our life now,
lets take good care of her.
lets make Ibu happy.
lets make Abah happy.

forgive my wrong doings.
you guys are my strength. my will. my power.
i love each and every one of you.

truly from the cutest youngest lil sister,
Mariah Hasamdin.

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