28 August, 2012

Need you now

when i feel like i want to write, i just write.
i sometimes feels like you are fading
more and more
i get lonely

i never scared of the people talking at my back
they should be the one who have to be scared
for their sins
for i didnt intend to make them talking.

i am already twenty one, thats a big number i should realize
i have to start listing my own goals
though i shall never know whether i will achieve it
atleast i know where i have to go.

to jannah is top of my list
i have seen people change
for the better for the worst
for i choose to be the better, for the world and hereafter.

they say when you grow older
you'll get wiser
is this a fact or only a saying?
for all i see, when you get older you just get older.

here i am all alone in an empty room
feeling the breezes that come into my room
from the windows that will shall never be close
for i can see the moon and the stars.

im listening to the song. the song that you once sang to me
i feel so cold now
i looked at the clock. its a quarter after one
im all alone and i need you now.

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