13 June, 2011

kawan kawan sayang saya :)

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

meet jie the jojie lee!

jie is best of the best friend i've ever had
it was a bit awkward at first but as time goes by
we shared things and we had so much fun together
she's pretty, she's hot, she's funny, she's sweet, she's kind
she came from KB Kelantan

testimony from jie the jojie lee
hee, comel kan Fareez Othman ni?
tak berubah ohh muka dia dari kecil sampai besar
kening mesti nak macam ni ^^ en? :))

Fareez Othman ni orang panggil dia mok
i am kinda close with him
we shared some random things,serious one, he's a good listener

we share same interest too, we love waterfalls <3
we've been to sungai sendat together
mok is a hot tempered person, punya la marah sebab tak dapat rokok dia
fuh, you don't want to messed up with him I'm telling you, I did that, and he's really pissed, scary!
tapi dia marah tak lama, hee :) we had so much fun at the waterfall!

mok is also a kind hearted too!
i miss spending time with him though, had a real good time lepaking with him :)
testimony from mok

meet baim and his anak buah! :) sweet kan? awww! HAHA!
terlupa la nama panjang si baim ni, tapi tak silap nama dia agak classic. :)

Baim is the person who always try to make a point to argue and fight with me
no matter what, he'll always tried his best to make me stress. HAHA! JOKING!
he called me ngok and i called him ngek

I just met him twice, so i don't really know him personally
but we always chat through Facebook instant message when ever we are online
it's never a dull conversation, it will always be an interesting one,
buat lawak bodoh and all, boleh gelak sampai mati chat dengan mamat ni!

this is from Baim DIZZY!

meister paweh and his son. HAHA!

paweh ni pun tak tau apa nama betul dia :))
it was a same situation with Baim, we chat through facebook's instant message 
tapi dah upgrade dah, now we chat through skype pulak
haha! tapi tak pernah video skype pun dengan dia ni

he always tease me, never stop teasing me,
but i don't know why, i tend to tell him my problems
HAHA! lucky him because i'm the kind of person who doesn't like to share my problems
and we always talk about education too
i can see that he did good on his study
well done paweh! :)

testimony from Meister Paweh!

meet acai the syairazzi!
dengan acai ni lain sikit cerita dia
how does it started?
i always reached for my boyfriend through his phone number
when they were still schooling (hostel)

then somehow and somewhat we started to keep in touch
and we became friends with such a short time
he's a real friend, when I'm down he's always there
and i did the same thing to him too
we used to share our problems and stories
it's fun to be friend with him
he is soft hearted kind of person :)

testimony from acai!
last but not least, HANIF HAMZAH!

since he lives in Sunway near my place, we always hang out
it was awkward when i first time met him
it was at Sunway Pyramid, he was so quiet, he didn't even look at me, and never try to make a conversation with me
but then after he realize my cuteness *BHAHAHA* then only he wants to talk to me, naah, it was a joke :))
he has a major crush on my bestie E bukan nama sebenar since forever

he has a good personality, he's charming, he always smile, he's handsome, he's macho, he is helpful
kenapa aku puji kau lebih ni anip? HAHA!
I'm comfortable with him though
that is why he is the lucky one that always get bullied by me :)
and he had a real satisfaction whenever he bullied me back . HAHA
hujung bulan jangan buat buat lupa aku pulak tau! 
testimony from anip abang handsome!  

so guys, now you all know why the heck I'm asking you guys a favor kan? i just made this blog, and this entry happens to be the last entry about testimonials, you can stalk me here, if you want to :)
baim, ni la project yang kau tunggu 6 bulan tu, haha! 
sorry la lambat sangat, this is the only time that i have to make all these thing. 

what will i post for the next entry? can't wait!
till then, you know you love me. XOXO!

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

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