15 May, 2011

second post dolls! who would it be?! drugs maybe?

these are my 3 bestest drugs! meet(from left)Felydia Hung,Elle Azielea and Rashdaleena Athiefa <3

*the 2nd entry lost during the breakdown,this is a repost*

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
hello there readers all around the world! :)
are you ready for my second entry?! "AYE AYE CAPTAIN"
i can't hear you? "I R BABOON" 

if the 1st entry came from 1 testimony
then this one came from 3 testimonies!
T H R E E ! W E E! 

a little something something about my drugs here

Felydia Hung. She's my hottest drug. She's a mixed Malay and Chinese We often hang out and share stories when the other two drugs is not in town where we lived in. We laugh and talk non stop for the whole day! You know why she's always in Subang Jaya? Because she study in Taylor's College Sunway which only takes few steps away from her house. GAHHHH! *ENVY*LOL* Don't mess with this drug i'm telling you, she's sensitive and she kills! *LOL* She is quite when she's not surrounded by her people, but can be very LOUD when she is with her drugs. I find this drug is very unique indeed and amazing too! She's currently busy working at Cat Whiskers, so it's hard to find time to chill with her lately, i miss her so much! She's my only NYAH! *LOL* This is how she described herself  Just an ordinary girl living her life to the fullest. I am blessed to have great friends & family. xoxo :) i miss you NYAH. love you NYAH!

Elle Azielea. She's my sweetest drug. She's a good listener, well maybe she doesn't have a chance because when i'm with her i always talk and talk, share and share. *LOL* but still! she'll listen! This drug and DRUG NO 1 have many similarities. They both are sensitive, loyal, quite, they are soft hearted <3, they are the youngest and they both have 2 hot sisters(woot woot). You can apply this quote " don't judge a book by it's cover" when you are with her because she's unpredictable and she amazed me with things that she capable of! She's very sweet, she always do sweet things to her friend, she's very kind, she's very helpful, she's very blur, but the 'blur-ness' in her entertains me! She's currently studying in UiTM Segamat Johor. i miss you Elle. love you Elle!

Rashdaleena Athiefa. She's my macho-est drug! *LOL* seriously, she can be so handsome and can be so pretty sometimes. She's different (if you know what i mean). She have anger management, you don't want want to be near her when she's angry i'm telling you, she'll curse and curse and curse! She farts everywhere.*LOL* She is the strongest drug, she's an athlete. She's smart, she always solve difficult things and she's a good hacker :) This drug is a 'i always get what i always wants and indeed, she always get what she want :) She can make me get really high with her jokes. She is addicted to rubik's cube. She can solve rubik's cube within seconds as she is in top 100 Malaysian rubik's cube speed solving! wohooo! amazing! She just finished her studies in Matriks Gopeng, Perak. i miss you Rash, love you Rash! almost forget! she writes poems! good one, check her blog out! click here.

this is what they say about me. ENJOY!

aren't they sweet?

you people are the reason why i'm still alive
elle rash lydia
you are my 
heroin cocaine ecstasy 
because when i'm with you guys 
i'll go 

so? who's next? you? maybe?
let's find out LATER~
you know you love me, XOXO

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

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