20 May, 2011

"air yang dicincang tak akan putus"/ "waters can't be separated"

The Siblings
this picture was captured on 19.09.1993 at Dataran Merdeka by our beloved late father(abah)
! السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته 
how are you feeling? good? not so good? bad? not so bad?
i hope that you readers are in the pink of health :)

sape kakak kakak and abang abang Mariah? nak tau tak?   
"what do i care?" "you dont? LIKE SERIOUSLYY?!" 
"no, i don't" "T__T but why? eh wait, why do i care if you don't? exactly! I DON'T CARE EITHER!"
i'm gonna tell the world anyways! HEE HEE!

what is "air yang dicincang tak akan putus"/ "waters can't be separated"? 
wah! bersastera sungguh kali ni! teringat pulak tuition B.M dekat rumah Afiq masa form 5 dulu.
rindu cikgu Idris Buyong! cikgu tuition B.M kitorang, because of him, i got A- for B.M! WOHOO! 
terima kasih cikgu, jasamu kan selalu ku kenang :)

eh eh, okay back to the peribahasa. jom buat experiment! 
cuba kita guna parang/pisau/pedang/pencungkil gigi then cincang air. tak kisah lah swimming pool ke tasik ke longkang ke laut ke , asalkan tempat yang ada air, cuba cincang, putus tak? 
okay, malas nak tunggu korang jawab, walaupun tak pernah buat experiment ni, tapi dah tau tak akan putus,
sebab peribahasa tu dah bagitau. *LOL*
that is the beauty of it, the meaning of this particular peribahasa ;
"relatives,blood connections,families can't be separated, because whatever that comes through them, whatever problems that they are having, they are still related. NO DOUBT. it can be proven scientifically by DNA!" ( my own words,my knowledge,my point of view,my opinion just to show you that i really understand this peribahasa ) *ehem ehem.
so, korang tengok gambar dekat atas sekali tu? selari kan dengan tajuk entri kali ni? sikecil bongsu comel itu memegang erat kedua dua tangan kakak sulung nya, abang kedua meletakkan tangan keatas bahu adik lelaki nya, abang ke lima juga meletakkan tangan ke atas adik perempuan nya, kakak ke empat hanya mampu memegang tangan sendiri dan kakak ke tiga senyum sambil berkata "i got your backs sisters and brothers". :') AWW!

these are the testimonies from my siblings :

kaklong with her Special Boy Friend *wink wink*
captured by me on 16.05.2010 at Kota Bharu after akak's wedding at Pasir Mas 
Meet my eldest sister(the tallest in blue *referring to the 1st picture*)
yeah, she used to be the tallest but now she is the shortest! *LOL*
a little something something about my kaklong
Kaklong will scream her lungs out when she get mad or when she's angry with someone everyone, i bet all kaklongs are like that and they are pretty boss preety bossy *LOL* Kaklong ni sangat peramah, with the knowledge that she gained she can comfortably talk with everyone. Pasal tu la kalau balik kampung, semua orang tanya pasal kaklong, she the famous among our family. She can be sarcastic at times. Kaklong is the one who took care of me when i was a little girl :) thank you kaklong, i really appreciate it. Kaklong was born on year 1979 she'll be turning 32 this december. She works at Tepak Harapan. Check her blog's out to know her better , click here
testimony NO 1 from 'the siblings'

captured on 21.01.2011 at Railway belakang Kampung Mayon 
Meet my eldest brother/2nd siblings( the tallest boy in stripes blue T-Shirt*referring to the 1st picture)
a little something something about my abang
We were so close when i was a kid. We share a lot of interest and do things together. We listened to Limp Bizkitz, Linkin Park, V.E , we sing & scream out loud. He was a protective brother.  But as time goes by, he has his own responsibilities as he is the father of my beautiful naughty Nur Qistina Basyeerah Abang is the one who always reminds me that i'm the special one to our beloved late father. Thank you abang, i really appreciate it. . He was born on year 1981, he is 30years old. No testimony from him though because those who give the testimonies are the ones that online 24/7. 

captured on 21.01.2011 at Kampung Mayon
Meet my 2nd sister/the 3rd siblings(the one in white and smile with eyes closed*referring to the 1st picture)
a little something something about my akak
Akak is the bravest and strongest sister. she is the 'i can do it!' kind of a person. A very determine and quite bossy too. Masa kecil kecil dulu, akak selalu ajar menari, ajar jadi hantu, ajar menyanyi ala-ala tradisional melayu OH OH and the most important part is she'll be the leader when we play paper dolls with kakwa and my other two cousins Kak Hilyah and Adik Khidmah. I MISS THOSE DAYS! She is currently taking master in sport science in UiTM Shah Alam and working at HR Sime Darby Medical Center. She's married to a man named Azan and they are about to have their 1st baby in about 10 days ان شاء الله! Akak was born on year 1982, she'll be turning 29 this november. thank you for everything you have done akak! i appreciate it! No testimony from her though because those who give the testimonies are the ones that online 24/7. 

this is rossazafizan mamat a.k.a kakrosa my sister in law
Meet my sister in law KAK ROSA!
a little something something about my kak rosa
Kakrosa is my niece's Nur Qistina Basyeerah's Mother. She's from Kuala Krai, Kelantan. Kakrosa ni mummy moden yang cantik dan jelita that runs her own beauty salon in Kuala Krai. She is a very successful business woman, and she's very determine indeed. She do things on her own. Very brave, very strong, all the criteria of a business woman should have. She can be childish at times and make some good jokes *NGEHEHE* Thank you Kakrosa for the things you have done, i really appreaciate it. Kakrosa was born on year 1983, she'll be turning 28 this coming October.
testimony NO 2 from 'the siblings'

captured by me on 05.02.2011 at Perdana Lake View
Meet my 3rd sister/the 4th siblings(the one in pink blouse*referring to the 1st picture)
a little something something about my kakda
She is my sister that talks a lot. She can easily get mad, angry and easily get stressed up too on almost anything that doesn't seems to work her way out. But on the other hand, she'll scream when she gets excited. But i bet we all have these kind of syndrome. *LOL* Kakda and I had many similarities and we share same interests too. She is among the sister that i can comfortably talk and share my problems, and she does the same thing to me too. She only eats good things, i mean, good stuffs, like real YUMMY as she always belanja me to those kind of cafes and restaurants :) Kakda tak kedekut. In the sense that giving me her thoughts, advise and helping me out. Thank you kakda for everything, i really appreciate it! Kakda was born on year 1984, she's 27 now.
testimony NO 3 from 'the siblings'

captured by me on 06.03.2011 in his room
Meet my 2nd brother/the 5th siblings(the boy in light blue shirt*referring to the 1st picture)
a little something something about my abayat
Abayat = Aba(abang)+yat(Hayat). Abayat is the coolest person on the earth! Seriously! It took decades to have a chance to see him get angry or get mad. But he can get annoyed easily (with my screams especially) or something that is ridiculous. Abayat have two different personalities, sometimes he can be so quite and sometimes he can be talkative. He'll have his own stance. He is helpful. OH YEAH, he cooks! I really adored  his writings and his artworks, it's amazing. He is the one who inspired me on this blogging thingy, for me, his blog is one of the most interesting blog i have ever read! Abayat is one of the kind. Abayat was born on the year 1985, he is 26 now.
Testimony NO 4 from 'the siblings' TADAAAAA~
I was so touched when i got this :') thank you abayat!

captured by me on 28.11.2009 at Homestay Banting                
meet my 4th sister/the 6th siblings(the one in the stripes T-shirt and the 3rd from right*referring to the 1st picture)
a little something something about my kakwa 
I have been so closed with kakwa since i was a kid. She is kind of my role model sejak dari kecil lagi, apa-apa yang kakwa buat, mesti nak tiru and nak buat apa yang dia buat. We almost do everything together. :) Kakwa ni sangat rajin, antara orang yang paling rajin dalam dunia! She's very helpful. Very very very very helpful. She treasures her friends so much. She have a good personalities. But she can be real meanie sometimes. She doesn't know how to show and express love. *LOL* Kakwa is a very hard working person.  I'm impressed with things that she capable of. She is very strong indeed. She love fishes.Kakwa buat business  shawl, check her blog out, click here. Kakwa was born on the year 1996, she is 25 years old. 
testimony NO 5 from 'the siblings'
T_____________________T thank you kakwa

i know this entry is soooooooo long. hehe. penat en nak baca?
sesiapa yang masih baca. congrates! :D
so after read all of this things, you might wonder, yang kecil comel molek pakai blouse warna putih chocolate dalam gambar yang first tu siapa? drum rolls pls* 
that is me, i am the youngest! lucky no 7! wohooo! 

okay thats it from my beloved siblings. 
who's next? mari kita tengok~ siapa yang kena!! 
till then, you know you love me, XOXO

! السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته 

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