22 July, 2012


you, hey you, yes, im calling you.
you might not remember me, but i remember you. clearly.
you might not think of me, but i think of you. perfectly.

you. you that has taught me.
you taught me how to live.
you taught me how to love.
you taught me about life.

you. you that appear in my dreams.
you are hard to be erase.
you know that you are good for chase.

you. you has been good but also bad
you are my past
you were the one that i'd cried for on my bed

you. i hope you are doing well there
you are not in my sight now but
you are the one that i still care

you could be my father
you could be my friend
you could be my lover
you could be my first and
you could be my last.

I love YOU.

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